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"Great class! My 13yo daughter loved it and feels like she’s learning a great deal of very practical info."

Anita L.

"Awesome class today!! Soooo practical and eye opening"

Leah O.

"I want to thank you for helping me learn more about smart ways of investing...I'm so incredibly excited to learn more"

Maria L.

"This class helped me think about how to manage my money in the future. Very engaging."

Robyn S.


Decoding Finance with the Code SwitcHER

Finance is a Gift Worth Giving

Financial Literacy is a skill that is imperative for success in life but is also seldom taught. This class will cover 4 basic financial topics

Stock Market

Topic: The stock market can be intimidating but also rewarding.  Students will receive a brief history of the stock market and the 3 main market indices in the United States then go on to learn how to evaluate stock like the pro’s.  Students will be given a Mock Brokerage Account where they will need to pick stocks for their portfolio based on what was learned in class.  At the end of the course, we will see whose portfolio gained the most money!​


Topic: Having a bank account is an essential piece to building wealth.  We will discuss the benefits as well as the responsibilities of having a bank account.  Students who do not yet have a bank account will learn what to look for when shopping for the right bank.  Class will end with the discussion of the 2008 Financial Crisis, which led to the closing of over 400 banks.

Time Value of Money

Topic: A financial calculator can be used to provide a wealth a knowledge prior to making financial decisions.  In class, we will learn how to use an online financial calculator to calculate potential earnings to highlight how time is the greatest factor to building wealth.  Our calculator will also teach us how to calculate payments for things such as car or student loans so that we are empowered with knowledge prior to getting in debt.


Topic: With great power comes great responsibility. Credit is something that should be taught early to be used wisely and responsibly.  Students will learn how credit cards work, what a credit score and credit report is as well as learn how to obtain credit and maintain it.  Towards the end of class, we will discuss how they, with parental consent, can obtain a credit card and start to use it responsibly, at their current age.

Once complete, you will know

  • How to open an investment account and start growing your wealth

  • How to use a financial calculator

  • How to calculate payments for car or student loans

  • How to build and maintain excellent credit

  • Why having good credit saves you money

  • Why it's important to have a bank account as opposed to being UNbanked

Book a Class
Do you have a small group or organization that would be interested in this comprehensive course? Let's get in touch.  This course can be customized for your group and your time frame.

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